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Discover valuable insight into advanced strategies for video implementation

Get your comprehensive 

video implementation guide

Get access to the ultimate video implementation guide 

If you are looking ideas and ways to get most out of your video content, this guide is for you.

We introduce 30+ types of videos for you to consider, and introduce you to strategic planning of your video content, addressing defensive and offensive use and repurposing of your videos. It's not just for social media!

Get results with video!



    Get valuable insight into advanced strategies for video implementation.

  • Discover 10 interesting stats about the impact of video

  • Get ideas for over 30 types of videos to create

  • Learn about the 3 most important videos for your organisation

  • Phase 1: Full Integration into what’s already working for you 

  • Phase 2: Inbound Coverage

  • Phase 3: New Sales Strategies

  • Phase 4: Outbound Strategies


Watch our Video Business Card

We help you design a video marketing strategy that produces more leads with less effort. We help you create purposeful videos, save money on filming and implement it across marketing channels.

Why video?

Powerful communication

Video is the most successful and powerful marketing tool that there is in the digital age, it combines visual language with effective narrative, it allows us to tell a story to keep the audience captivated, to show them who you are, what you stand for and, most importantly, what it means for them.

Human connection

It allows us to connect with them on a very human level using not only words and images, but body language as well. Your new video will help you grow your business on many fronts, it will bring you new clients, it will help you better qualify them, get them excited about working with you, it may help them make better purchasing decisions, it will set the right expectations and will save you time.

Be found

It is imperative to have a strategy for your videos, just posting them once on your social media channels or burying deep in your website is simply not enough, and a sure way to get disappointing results. You want your video to work for for years to come, it’s not about posting it once!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Fifth Castle Media is a Melbourne based video and photography production agency. We have an extensive team of professional creators specializing in many aspects of video and photography and we can always find a perfect artist to realise our strategy for your business.

The Fifth Castle Media Strategy is an extensive and comprehensive document that outlines all the different areas our purposeful videos can help enhance your business. We look at how you attract clients, what your sales process looks like, how you retain best clients and staff, how your internal processes operate and design a bespoke visual media plan. We schedule the production and organise everything.

We have over 30 different types of videos covering every aspect of your operations. From recruitment and training videos, through video marketing and video sales campaigns to event photography, testimonial videos, animations and more. We also have extensive experience in all aspects of photography.

We don’t simply deliver the files to you, each piece of content comes optimised for its intended use with clear instructions on how to put it to work. We help with the metrics so you can monitor the impact your new content has and pride ourselves in exceeding your expectations.

We take on clients for the minimum of six months. The first month is all about the strategy with the production generally beginning in the second month. Our professional post-production team will have the videos ready for review usually within a week of filming.

Most of our clients budget between $5,000- $10,000 per month. The budget dictates how quickly we can progress through the strategy and deliver the results.

Arek Rainczuk founder

About our founder

Before creating Fifth Castle Media, our founder Arek Rainczuk APP, was Melbourne's leading personal branding expert at Five Castles Portraits, helping entrepreneurs communicate their uniqueness through purposeful photography.

But his career began at a biomedical lab where he spent his youth wearing a labcoat and cloning bacteria for his PhD.

These days Arek is a father, and sees himself as strategic partner, fluent in visual communication and marketing, passionate about making a real difference. He’s a punctual perfectionist… but still fun to work with.